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Hi! I’m Deepak, a Freelance Graphic Designer👨‍🎨 with over 19+ months of experience as Lance Deepak.

My Expertise is in these social media websites: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, Linked In, Twitter, Tumblr, Reddit. etc🚀
With all related designing topics like Posts, Feed, Story, Cover/Banner, Carousels, Ads.

Different Resolutions for Different Social Media Graphics✨.

I offer a unique approach with creative strategy, and amazing affordable services until you’re highly satisfied✔️.

My professional and skilled techniques will create your vision!🎯
Kindly Contact me Before Placing the Order!

I love what I do and try to give my best every time💯.
Your Growth is My Growth!

Success is the Goal🏆.


“Your Growth is My Growth”
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Services List

  1. Creative facebook posts, facebook covers, facebook ads, facebook story, facebook carousels. Click Here
  2. Attractive Instagram Feeds, Instagram Carousels, Instagram Puzzle Feed, Instagram Ads. Click Here
  3. Engaging Youtube Thumbnails, Youtube Channel Art, Youtube Banners, Youtube Stories. Click Here
  4. Creative Pinterest Pins, Pinterest Idea Pins, Pinterest Ads, Pinterest Carousels. Click Here
  5. Amazing Social Media Designs, Social Media Graphics, Social Media Posts. Click Here
  6. Amazing and Professional Flyers and Posters. Click Here

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