Credit Card Debt

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Credit card debt refers to money that an individual owes to a credit card company as a result of using a credit card to make purchases or obtain cash advances.

When an individual uses a credit card, they are essentially borrowing money from the credit card company and agreeing to pay it back with interest. If the individual does not pay the full amount owed by the due date, they will typically be charged interest on the remaining balance, which can accumulate over time and result in a substantial amount of debt.

Credit card debt can be a significant financial burden, as high-interest rates and other fees can make it difficult to pay off the debt and may lead to additional financial problems, such as missed payments, late fees, and damage to credit scores.

Effective management of credit card debt may involve strategies such as making regular payments, paying more than the minimum amount due, and consolidating or transferring balances to lower-interest-rate credit cards or other loan products.

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