Group Insurance

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Group insurance is a type of insurance policy that covers a group of people, typically employees of a company or members of an organization. The policy provides insurance coverage to all members of the group under a single master policy, rather than each individual member has their own policy.

Group insurance policies can cover a variety of different types of insurance, including health insurance, life insurance, disability insurance, and dental insurance. The coverage provided by a group insurance policy may be more affordable than individual insurance policies, as the cost is spread across all members of the group.

Group insurance policies may be offered by an employer as part of a benefits package, or by an organization as a membership perk. In some cases, the employer or organization may pay the entire cost of the insurance coverage, while in other cases, the members of the group may be required to pay a portion of the cost.

One advantage of group insurance is that it may be easier to qualify for coverage than individual insurance policies, as the risk is spread across a larger group of people. However, the coverage provided by a group insurance policy may be more limited than that provided by an individual policy.

Overall, group insurance is a common way for employers and organizations to provide insurance coverage to their members, and can be an affordable and convenient option for obtaining insurance coverage.

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